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How Long Should Your Business's Social Media Posts Be?

Social media has become an important tool for marketing. It provides businesses with a way of interacting with their customers directly, and it's also a valuable source of real-time feedback. However, handling social media is easier said than done. Customers have different expectations, and many businesses have found it difficult to engage their clients in a way that benefits both parties.

One of the main issues that businesses are yet to get a handle on is the length of social media posts. What is the ideal length for a business post?

What the Data Suggest

According to a recent study, Facebook posts that had 40 characters or less registered 86% more engagement than long posts, and those that 80 characters or less had 66% more engagement.

On the other hand, Twitter may have a 280-character limit, but tweets that were 100 characters or less registered 17% more engagement on average. Tweets that were in the range of 71 to 100 characters were retweeted more often than those that were above 100 characters and less than 71 characters.

According to the data, it seems that short business social media posts tend to find more favor among users than long posts.

Why Short Posts Are Better

There are two main reasons why short posts seem to be doing better on social media. These are:

  • In-built barriers: On social media sites and apps such as Facebook and Instagram, a long post will usually be cut short, and users are forced to click "see more" if they wish to read the entire post. Although it seems like a small thing, this small step prevents users from seeing your message all at once, and many don't click to find out what the rest of the message says.

  • Comprehension barrier: On social media, the faster information can be consumed, the better. Many users find it difficult to process too much information, and this doesn't favor a long post.

How to Get Past the Barriers

Communicating your message with such a few number of words may seem impossible. However, this is where creativity can become very important. You can use creativity to pass your message along, or you can use it to pique the readers' interest. When a reader's interest is piqued, they'll want to find out more.

You can also communicate a lot in your posts by choosing the right images/video or simply by adding the right hashtag.

Social media is a top PR platform for many companies. Hire a public relations manager, like those at Niki Inc, to help you make the most of it.